Track My Trip

Mobile GPS Tracking

Real-time sharing enables you to share your current locations and trips with friends and family. Only invited people have acces to your shared locations. Invitations can be sent via email, SMS or WhatsApp. You can even publish Points of Interests with attached photos. Real-time sharing information can be viewed on

How to get started?

Step 1. Install the Track My Trip app

Real-time Sharing is provided by the Track My Trip Android App available on Google Play.

Step 2. Sign In

In order to use real-time sharing you need to be signed in to the Track My Trip app. The sign in is based on you Google account used on the device. Press the sign in button on the top of the Track My Trip navigation drawer.
Note, that sign in is only needed for real-time sharing. All the other functionality of Track My Trip is available, even if you are not signed in!

Step 3. Start trip recording

Simply push the record button on the start screen.

Step 4. Start real-time sharing

Either push the blue real-time sharing button or switch to the real-time sharing screen via the menu item in the navigation drawer.
Now, recorded locations and trip statistics are shared with invited persons. You can stop real-time sharing at any time without interrupting the trip recording. When real-time sharing is active the real-time sharing button changes its appearance!
Note that you can also share your locations without starting trip recording (just skip step 1 and proceed with step 2). In this case not all location updates are shared, but only locations sampled at defined intervalls and for a user-specified period of time (see step 5).

Step 5. Invite interested parties

You can send invitations via email, SMS or WhatsApp.
A unique access link is generated which allows invited parties to see your current location in any browser on any device without installing the app. Additional invitations can be sent at any time while the real-time sharing is active.

Step 6. Modify real-time sharing parameters

During real-time sharing of locations you can modify the corresponding sharing parameters like update intervals and ending time. Note that all changes have to be submitted via the save button which appears after a parameter was changed.
During real-time sharing of a recorded trip no parameters can be changed. Real-time sharing automatically ends when you stop the recording or it can be stopped without interrupting trip recording in the real-time sharing view by pressing the stop sharing button.

Additional Hints

  • The unique sharing link can be copied to the clipboard from within the real-time sharing view via the "copy to clipboard" button at the bottom of the view. This link can be sent of posted in order to invite additional viewers. A sharing looks like this (last part is an automatically generated unique identifier):
  • After completing a real-time sharing, the recorded data is completely erased after a short period of time and becomes unavailable.
  • During trip recording you can also define Points Of Interest with or without attached content (photo). These POI are also shared, when real-time sharing is activated
  • The real-time sharing button indicates whether real-time sharing is activated or not.

Happy Sharing !!!

Real-time sharing is currently in the testing phase. Feedback is highly appreciated and can be sent to